The Stone Free Experience

Waxing tends to have a bit of a reputation for being painful, uncomfortable and scary. We see waxing scenes in movies that make us cringe, hear stories of the dreaded nail salon wax, or maybe even tried it out at one point and simply didn’t have a stellar experience.

Waxing CAN be a pleasant and easy experience. At Stone Free we specialize in worry free waxing. It is our priority to give all our clients the peace of mind that their experience will be quick with very little discomfort in a comfortable, professional, sanitary environment.

Stone free is body positive and a judgment free space for all men and women, no need to feel self-conscious! For your comfort, we believe that waxing should not be drawn out or take longer than it has to. A Brazilian wax will take 10-20 minutes maximum. With a swift technique and very close attention to detail, your wax will most likely be the quickest and closest to painless you’ve ever had. 

Your health and cleanliness are taken very seriously. We take every effort possible to maintain a sanitary environment at all times. Gloves are always worn for all waxing services and sticks are NEVER ever double dipped.

Before booking an appointment, please go over our Policies and Frequently asked questions page. Please note that our space is located inside of Bela Salon on the corner of Stark and 60th. Feel free to contact if you have any questions at all, we look forward to meeting you!